Eclipse PTP and TAU for K and FX10

  • Eclipse PTP for developing parallel programs on C/C++ and Fortran for the "K" and FX10 supercomputers.
  • TAU for parallel program performance analysis.

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for K and FX10

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New Eclipse PTP release 9.1.0 "Neon" will include support for the "K" computer.

Target System Configurations for the "K" and FX10 computers will be includeded in new Eclipse PTP distribution. For details see New and Noteworthy.

TAU version 2.25.1 with OpenMP support is available on the "K" computer.


Eclipse PTP & TAU

For using Eclipse PTP and TAU see Eclipse PTP for K and FX10 computers. Basic User Manual.


For TAU on the "K" computer usage instructions see readme file. On login nodes: /opt/aics/TAU/README and /opt/aics/TAU/README25.1.

Past Events


VI-HPS workshop in AICS

Workshop page on VI-HPS web site with links to presentation files in PDF.
Workshop videos on Youtube


If you have any questions please contact Bryzgalov Peter <petr.bryzgalov at riken dot jp>